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In order to achieve sustainable growth, there are four main ways companies can attain this; by increasing:

  • The number of customers you have

  • The number of times they buy from you

  • The amount they spend (through your pricing and new product lines)

However, there is the fourth element which is often undervalued.

  • The effectiveness of your people and processes

Being more effective starts with bench-marking where people are with their skill levels in applying best practice principles in order for them to grow in their role. This is important because you then have a better insight into their potential to increase productivity. Having a strong company culture is part of the development process.

We offer help with developing different types of people in selling, account management and custeomer service roles in order to make them more productive. This helps to increase confidence and improve the company's sales potential.

Other Workshops


In addition to our sales workshops, we also offer ones which focus on other skills which are important for best practice in a sales operation. These include:


  1. Account management techniques to retain more customers/clients

  2. Best practice customer service (building rapport, listening skills, voice, language)

  3. Being assertive to win more sales

  4. Time management and have to be more effective

  5. Adapting to change to increase sales opportunities

These topics are vital for anyone in a sales, marketing or customer service role to apply in their daily routine. They help to distinguish the company and articulate the value of your products and services in a way that will make it easier to attract and retain customers.

Quotes about our workshops

‘The course was tailored to our business so that the whole team could relate to it. I would have no hesitation in recommending the training to any other sales organisation.’ – Head of EMEA Sales - European Software Company.

'Julian’s training skills are exceptional; he has obviously combined his years of selling experience with the ability to mentor people.  Over the last 12 months we have been able to measure the increase in sales conversions and are very happy with the results.’ – Chairman, UK Specialist Holiday Company.

‘"Julian Clay is one of those rare people in sales and marketing that has been extremely successful in the

field, knows what has made him successful and is able to transfer these skills to others.’" - Sales Director,

UK Manufacturing Company.



To underpin the value we offer, Sales to Success Managing Director, Julian Clay has been involved in writing a number of sales and business-related books. They can help readers to think more about the type of strategies they could develop for the challenges they face in their job role. Many of the chapters can provide a starting point for topics used in our Workshops and Webinars.


The Sales Manager's Desktop Guide


This book will help sales managers new to the role, learn many of the fundamental principles of

best practice sales management techniques. It will also help experienced ones re-engage with

many of the fundamental topics they experience. It is a comprehensive, practical guide covers all

aspects of a sales manager’s role. With innovative ideas and written in a clear, practical style, the book covers important topics like:


Leadership; Business Planning;  Building Business Relationships;  Communication; Managing Change; Recruitment; Motivating the Team; Selling through Indirect Channels


It has interactive checklists and summaries the chapters to help you to manage a team well.

Whether you are a first time or experienced sales manager this book will help you to ensure that

you manage people and tasks effectively.


Successful Selling Solutions

This book enables people in a sales role to increase their knowledge and confidence when developing and closing a sales opportunity. It also includes post sales account management. It has templates, tables and exercises to develop your selling techniques and monitor your progress.


The chapters include: 

Preparation; Targeting New Accounts; Turning Interest into Commitment; Presentation Techniques; The Sales Proposal; Negotiation; Closing the Sale; Managing your Accounts


It shows you how to Identify, Engage with and Manage prospects in order to get the best out of every sales opportunity. What makes this book different is that it provides clear, practical advice on the important aspects of the sales cycle. It will help you gain confidence in the sales process and to maximise your selling potential.

“Innovative and extremely beneficial to our performance both in terms of skill sets but particularly in increasing confidence levels within our teams of sales people.”  - Director, UK Paper Company

Sales Strategy for Business Growth


This book is designed for business owners, board directors and managers in order to improve their knowledge of a sales operation and their decision making. It will develop your understanding of the strategic sales challenges which exist in the company.


They look at some of the daily themes which any senior director or manager has to deal with, including:

Responding to Changes in the Market; Creating a Sales and Marketing Strategy; Getting the Best out a Sales CRM System; How to Improve your Decision-Making; Managing Different Types of People; Working more Productively; Teamwork and Communication

Chapters are supported by evidence from eminent business people and have relevant tasks and exercises. This book will help readers to be more objective and multi-task in a more effective way.

"This book provides a ‘one stop shop’ for any business to identify where it is in the sales process, how to review its people and improve their performance.” - Academy Manager, European Transport Company


The Mobile Boardroom

The book covers the challenges business owners and directors will face when they involved in Buying, Growing or Selling a company.


Tips on all aspects of the business cycle will take you through everything you need to know, including:


Better Business Planning; Raising Capital; Financial Management; Sales and Marketing; Informational Technology; Operations, Production and Service; Mergers and Acquisitions;  Post Acquisition Management; Management Buy Outs; Selling your Company


The journey for a business is often complex and arduous which is why the book covers many of the challenges business owners and senior managers will face. It will help you to focus on the different areas which need to work together in order to maximise the potential value of the company.

“This book is a powerful way of looking at the best tips to follow when starting, building or selling a company.”  - Chief Executive, Media Marketing Group

Digital Marketing for Business Growth


This book is designed for those new to a marketing role. It will also be of interest to those who want a refresher on some of the topics in relation to the changing trends in digital marketing.


It covers chapters like:


Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy; The Customer Experience; Getting your Website to Add Value; Digital Marketing Platforms; Getting the Best out of Data Analytics; Integrating with Traditional forms of Marketing; International Markets; The Future of Digital Marketing


It helps to demystify the digital marketing process by giving a valuable insight into how to get the best out of your marketing strategy. Finally, it looks at how you can improve your brand awareness and focus on what is important to achieve successful digital marketing campaigns.

“This book will help you get a better ROI from your digital marketing campaigns in order to increase your brand value and conversion rates.” – CEO, UK Sales Consultants 

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