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Sales Forecasting


In today’s challenging markets, companies face challenges in relation to creating, developing and closing sales opportunities. Good opportunity management leads to accurate forecasting and this can help people in a sales role to plan with confidence.

That is why we have developed Forecastmanager which works by better defining the stages of the sales cycle, grading them and asking probing questions as to the strength of the opportunity. It then measures this against real outcomes with 80%+ accuracy.

It leads to better qualification, pipeline management and accurate sales forecasts. It gives you a reality check for every sales opportunity, shortening your sales cycle and improving your sales team's time management.

Forecastmanager helps to improve opportunity management that can emanate from a lack of qualification and sales development. It will give users more clarity by successfully guiding them through the sales cycle. This inspires confidence in the process and helps to increase conversion rates

Forecastmanager film

The Forecastmanager methodology was an App on the Salesforce 'AppExchange' (App store).

As an opportunity management tool and accurate forecasting solution it can be aligned to any CRM system in order to help create a more robust sales process.

This short marketing film summarises the value and ROI of Forecastmanager. It shows the types of reports you can create in your CRM System in order to tighten up your own forecasting process.

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