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Sales Training

Our sales training programmes are designed for anyone in a sales or account management role. This can also involves sales management training as well as mentoring for business owners and directors. Most programmes can be tailored for a particular market or group of people.

It is about getting the most out of everyone in a sales role in your company. Many sales training and coaching skills have a tendency to be generically taught, a one off and therefore forgotten over time. How do we overcome this?

The best way to get real change in skills is to follow a tried and tested process:

  1. Link the sales training and development to the company’s strategic sales goals
  2. Communicate the need and benefit of the programme
  3. Ensure you have the ‘buy in’ from all parties concerned
  4. Do research on the target audience
  5. Make the programme relevant, interesting and interactive
  6. Check people’s level of ability and understanding
  7. Ensure that coaching of the skills continues after a programme has finished

These simple rules help to differentiate our type of training and development. With any programme what you are really trying to achieve is a change in someone’s daily routine and behaviour. This is best achieved by using the steps outlined above in order to make that change permanent. If this is achieved, any investment in a sales programme is worthwhile. That is why any good sales training, coaching and development programme should pay for itself many times over!