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Understanding a company’s set of sales challenges is perhaps the key part of any sales mentoring project to get right. Often, the very idea of bringing in an outsider can be a concern, i.e. what are they going to say or do to affect us? Getting the wrong advice can affect sales and morale internally; getting it right should make a company much stronger and provide a platform for sales growth. 

Does your company (or division) have a defined sales strategy? Where will it be in 3 or 5 years’ time? These are the types of questions we help you to answer by giving you advice on how to develop a sound sales strategy in order to achieve real growth.

We look at the challenges you face, their importance, the effect they are having on your company, if they can be solved and most importantly – how! Our sales mentoring and coaching is based on knowledge, experience and capability. We also use a defined process, our Sales Process Methodology, SPM©). This covers six key areas and ensures that an objective analysis is done of a company’s sales operation:

  • Strategy – Understand sales strategy and objectives
  • Analysis - Look at current sales operation, people and processes 
  • Comparison -  Compare existing sales processes with future aspirations
  • Planning – Recommendations for new improved sales process
  • Implementation - Staged implementation of the new process
  • Review - Ensure new sales process is working effectively

This is a good way to get a reality check in order to plan any changes you want to make carefully. It is also a good starting point to define and then implement a sales strategy. Many companies don’t often take time to have a one, three or five year plan. By doing so, you make it easier to hit your revenue and profitably targets. This can be done in a practical way by working out the resources you need to achieve this. This type of sales consultancy can offer a fresh, new look at your sales operation in order for to reach your potential.