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The value of Forecastmanager

Forecastmanager; on the Salesforce App Exchange assesses the strength of your sales opportunities. It does this by asking users to answer ten easy to understand questions. The answers of these determine both the strength of an opportunity and the timeframe. 

The App is the best way to Qualify prospects, Commit them and Close more deals because it:

  • Guides users through an easy to use, forecast qualification process 
  • Evaluates the strength of every sales opportunity
  • Predicts actual sales
  • Offers every user interactive sales reports
  • Gives practical coaching advice  

It will enable users understand the personas of the decision maker, budget holder, key players and influencers in a target account. Forecastmanager helps each user develop their own strategy to assess the strength of their sales pipeline and manage it well. It also helps to overcome any lack of control which emanates from a lack of qualification and sales development. 

Forecast manager banner

It complements the weighted/percentage forecast process in Salesforce. This is achieved through evaluating objective (or Quantitative) and subjective (or Qualitative) information. Forecastmanager provides reports for sales managers to help them assess the strengths and weakness of their team’s sales pipeline and forecasts. 

It has a Salesforce1 Mobile capability which is interactive and easy to use (for IOS and Android devices). This makes it easy for ‘users on the go.’

Forecastmanager will give users more clarity and successfully guide your sales team through the sales process. It can help you to shorten your sale cycle and improve your sales closure rates. It will also enable users and managers to better understand the elements that underpin a good sales performance to focus on winnable opportunities.

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By coupling powerful questioning techniques with this sales forecasting method we have revolutionised our sales process.

Lawrie Siteman - Managing Director, IDS Group


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