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Forecastmanager is Salesforce 1 Mobile compatible and is supported on the Cloud. It enables every user to take advantage ‘on the go’. This also allows users remotely to use Tablet devices. 

You can complete new forecasts as well as access a Review Forecasts report. It is easy to use and an essential remote sales tool for everyday use for all Salesforce users who have the App. Using it will help you work to remotely by creating new forecasts and updating existing ones. You can also refer to the status of a forecast before a business meeting to help focus on the next steps you need to take to progress a sale.

Forecastmanager Mobile has the advantage of being quick to access with the new Lightning format. It enables users to answer relevant Sales Questions in order to qualify and a sales opportunity well. Users can access:

  • The Sales Questions
  • Forecast summaries
  • The Review Forecasts report
  • Overdue forecasts
  • Coaching advice

It also provides a pie chart to help users and Sales Managers review and summarise view open, won and lost forecasts. Sales Managers have access to their own reports which gives information in relation to the above user access. This allows them to make informed decisions in relation to the areas needed to support their sales team.

How can Forecastmanager help to close more sales?

Forecastmanager Mobile allows you greater control over your sales pipeline. It leads to better sales development, qualification for more accurate forecasting of sales opportunities. It will help users achieve a better alignment between the forecasting process and their product or service delivery capability. It also gives them the ability to manage their sales pipeline ‘on the go’ more effectively.
It is an invaluable tool for anyone using the App who needs to work remotely. Using it will give users more control over the sales process and an edge over your competitors.

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