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Forecastmanager - Qualify, Commit, Close

The Forecastmanager App is on the Salesforce App Exchange. It assesses the strength of your prospects to give users the ability to produce accurate, confident sales forecasts. It gives a reality check to complement the weighted forecast process that many companies use to predict future sales.

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Pipeline management and sales forecasting can be a minefield for many companies. Often sales opportunities are not developed as well as they could be. It is only when one is lost that the real picture starts to emerge. This is when the lines between forecasting and reality become blurred!

This can result in:

  • Poor qualification and inaccurate forecasting of sales opportunities
  • Missed deadlines and poor sales closure rates
  • A lack of confidence in the forecasting process
  • Over-optimism or over pessimism
  • An over-focus on reducing prices when closing deals

Forecastmanager helps to solve these issues.  As well as powerful questions, it helps users to develop a sales opportunity with confidence and realism. With its predictive Forecast to Order Ratio (FTOR) it can give users a 75%+ sales forecast accuracy.  

You can eliminate over-optimism and coach the right sales behaviour by answering questions that reflect the DNA of a winnable sales opportunity.

If you’d like to know what Forecastmanager can do to help you

You can view a short promotional film introducing the types of challenge that the App looks to solve and the value it offers.

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