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Sales coaching


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Sales Coaching

What would your sales team give for practical ideas to help them solve potential issues at every stage of the sales cycle? Many sales executives don’t always move from one stage of the sale pipeline to another smoothly. This can mean that vital actions or observations can be left unresolved. Salesmentor gives you help with this by breaking down the component parts of a sales pipeline and giving you practical advice and exercises. This ensures that you can apply best practice methods is an easy to understand way.

This methodology involves developing the correct skills to help you win more sales. Topics include the sales issues; call planning, introductions to a new target account, questioning techniques, qualification, turning interest into genuine commitment, negotiation, overcoming objections and successful closing techniques. 

Salesmentor also provides realistic and helpful exercises which can be completed in order to test someone’s knowledge and skills. This will increase their confidence and their ability to develop a sale well in order to close more deals.