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Account Manager Vacancy in Newspaper

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Building successful business relationships is often challenging especially in a market which has a price or commodity focus. It isn’t only a question of knowing the buyer in most target accounts. It is also important to know who the real decision maker is and the key players who influence that decision are. Our account management methodology will help you unravel this potential minefield in order to plan a successful target account strategy. 

Targetmanager maps out a strategy that will be needed to win or grow a target account in the form of an interactive Account Profile. This is built up in stages to form a complete picture to establish the target company’s value of potential business and your value to them. 

Targetmanager will enable you to plan a path in order to win a target account by unlocking the components of the decision making process. It will make it easier to create new opportunities and develop business relationships. This will help you to maximise your time and your sales revenue potential.